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In addition to the personally, traditionally handmade instruments pictured below, we have in stock violins and violas of various sizes by such makers as Shen, Eastman, Klier, Deutsch, Cleveland Group, and Kohr, as well as vintage French and German violins. Also, please check out the LATEST NEWS page, which often includes newly available instrument listings.


The following violins are uniquely handmade entirely by myself, using traditional Cremonese construction techniques, on an internal mould, with meticulous attention to details that characterize either Stradivari's or Giuseppe Gurarneri "del Gesu's" instruments, and demonstrate their distinctive genius. Each has been tested by seasoned artists (both orchestral and soloists) who have wonderful reviews - please inquire. They offer players warm, easy clarity and powerful rich overtones that project without forcing. The particular models each offer something special: 

1715 "Titian" model, here thoughtfully antiqued, empowers especially the soloist with a broad deep character of penetrating sound, whereas the 

1716 "Messiah" model, larger by virtue of having been made on Strad's "PG" pattern, offers an impressively robust lower register and silvery shimmering upper register. 

The 1709 "Viotti" model features a scrumptious one-piece back with big, easy, balanced tone, and seductively figured maple.

1713 "Huberman's" varnish shimmers of colorful reflectivity, its big warm sound enveloping player and listeners. 

The 1735 Guarneri del Gesu "Plowden," also with one-piece back, typifies that maker's easy string length and distincitve throaty, warm tone.


While each violin offers distinctive tonal clarity, projection, and power, there is without a doubt one particular violin you will be drawn to. Remember to click on the front picture of each violin to hear Wilfredo Deglans, Associate Concertmaster of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, demonstrate and present each violin.

Consider upgrading now to one of these top quality violins, each of which offers the player complete access to the power and nuanced tonal shadings of instruments costing tenfold more.

1713 "HUBERMAN" Strad Model -

           Lush, warm, balanced 

                       For Sale

                   Click on front pic to link to YouTube.

< > < > < > < > < > < >

1709 "VIOTTI" Strad Model -  

Clear, balanced, sweet

For Sale

Click front pic for video

Lucky is the player who gets choice of four Stradivari models!


     ​1715 "TITIAN" Strad Model -

       Soloistic, deep & penetrating 

                   For Sale

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1716 "MESSIAH" Strad Model-

    Robust lows & silvery highs

                 For Sale


1735 "PLOWDEN" Giuseppi Guarneri 

             'del Gesu' Model - 

     Distinctly warm, hearty & throaty


A richly anitiqued "Plowden" model of one-piece, well-figured European maple and 35-yr seasoned American Sitka that projects dense, luscious warmth and ringing highs. 


1740 Guarneri "del Gesu"  Model  - 

Intimate, balanced warmth - SOLD

This violin is owned by one of two players that each enjoy owning & playing both a Griffin violin and viola!


1715 "TITIAN" Strad Model  -  

  Sizzlingly vibrant  SOLD


1715 Strad "TITIAN" Strad Model

         Clear & strong - SOLD


1695 Jos. fil Andreas Guarneri

Lovely warmth & clarity - SOLD

One-piece European back. A lovely instrument with a unique, clear blend of chocolatey warms and powerful highs, possessing a must-see varnish that draws you in with its velvety red luminescence.